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A couple weeks ago I wrote a short post showing everyone my Havana Twists and now I’m back, as promised, to write up my complete experience.

As I said before, I was tired of spending hours every week doing my hair plus the temperatures were dropping here in New York so I decided to get a protective style.  I don’t wear extensions very much, one reason is because synthetic hair is heavy, but I decided to give it another try and Havana Twists have been on my radar for quite some time.

I scheduled my appointment at Afrigenix, a natural hair salon on the Upper West side of Manhattan.  I chose this particular salon because when I first started seeing pictures of the style circulating online the pictures were from their salon so I figured it’d be a safe bet to go with them.

First Impression of the Salon

The salon seems to be a converted apartment.  It’s small, but cozy and nicely maintained. I was greeted immediately upon my arrival and the receptionist took my jacket.  I was actually running a few minutes late and my stylist was ready for me.  Let me repeat, MY STYLIST WAS READY WHEN I ARRIVED.  I did not have to wait for her to finish up another head.  I wasn’t told that she stepped out for a minute and she’d be right back.  She was standing behind her chair waiting for me to arrive, which is a VERY big plus for me.  I hate sitting around in a salon all day long.

Havana Twists Prep 

My stylist, I’m sorry I never got her name, first washed my hair and then lightly blew it out.  I haven’t straightened my hair since I’ve been natural, so I was really nervous about that part. I’m actually anxious to see the state of my curls when I take the twists out.  I think they’re ok, but you can never be too sure.

My two biggest complaints about the blow drying process was that she didn’t use heat protectant, but she did smooth some Afrigenix brand oil onto my hair and some type of butter/pomade product also produced by Afrigenix.  I don’t know if that acted as a protectant because I know that some oils are natural heat protectants.  Also, I felt that she was a a little rough when she was blowing out my hair and when I asked her to be a bit gentler I don’t think she understood me because English was not her first language.  We had difficulty communicating the entire time which I found frustrating.

Havana Twist Installation

After blow drying, the installation was a breeze.  My stylist twisted my hair up without much tension and she was done installing the twists in an hour.  Yes, the install only took one hour.  After she finished she put perm rods around the ends, dipped them in hot water, gave me a cute little half up half down hairstyle, oiled my hair with the delightful smelling Afrigenix Green Tea Oil and I left the salon with a spring in my step because the twists were everything and they didn’t do too much damage to my wallet, the service was only $160.00.

Would You Get the Twists Again?

In a heartbeat.  They are so realistic looking, people have actually thought this was my real hair and I also love how as the style ages the frizz isn’t as apparent because of the natural texture of the hair.

How Is the Style Holding Up?

The style is holding up well.  This is my third week with the twists and in my opinion, they still look good.  I’ve washed them twice and they’re still in one piece.  Some of my natural hair has started to pop out of the twists, but it’s not super noticeable.  the style is supposed to last for 2-3 months, but I only plan to keep the twists for a few more weeks because I want to get long box braids for the new year.  Variety is the spice of life and I love to mix things up.

Are the Twists Heavy?

I had Senegalese twists about 1 1/2 ago and those things were heavy.  Yes, the twists add some weight to my head, but it’s not uncomfortable at all.

8 thoughts on “Havana Twists Installation

  1. how many packages do you think this took? i want to try this myself with the hair they sell online. it’s apparently re-usable too.

    • Hi! I’m really not sure. I kinda zoned out when the stylist was doing my hair. Also, from what I can remember she already had the hair out I didn’t see her take it out of the package. If you go on Youtube maybe some of the ladies that did an at home installation will mention how many packs they used.

      Thanks for reading!

    • Thank you so much!! I was charged $161.00 and that was during their $88.00 Havana Twist special. When the deal is on you only pay for the hair. Yes, the hair was also included.

      Thanks for reading!

    • First, I mixed up water and shampoo in an applicator tip bottle. This step is key because diluted shampoo can be distributed through your hair easier than shampoo straight from the bottle. Also, the applicator tip bottle helps to get to all the little nooks and crannies.

      Then, I applied the diluted shampoo to my scalp and massaged it in, with the pads of my fingers.

      Next, I let warm water run over my head to rinse the diluted shampoo out.

      After that, I applied diluted conditioner to the twists themselves and then rinsed it out.

      Finally, when I exited the shower I used a towel to squeeze the remaining water out of my twists, note I didn’t rub, because rubbing causes frizz, and then I oiled my scalp and twists.

      I hope that helps!! Thanks for reading :)

      • Great! I’m not clear about what you’re asking, but the take was quick and easy. I just snipped the end and then unraveled the twist. It took approx. 45 minutes for the take down. I didn’t experience any tangling and my hair reverted back to its little springs and coils after I washed and conditioned them. One last thing, I only kept them in for a month.

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